San Francisco. Chicago. New York. London. Toronto. And now, with all due respect to those who've gone before, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul!

The details for Pillow Fight Club MSP (that's our airport code, yo) are being revealed now:
May 20th, 2006. 2:00pm. Logan Park (at Broadway and Monroe). Minneapolis.

Watch the teaser video right here. Or try YouTube. Or MNstories!

Come on back here after the battle and send us the links to your pictures and video clips and we'll compile them together. If you post on Flickr and YouTube, please include the tag "pillowfightmsp". Reach us via : whomp at

Pictures: flickr: pillowfightmsp


1. You do tell everyone about Pillow Fight Club MSP.
2. You do tell everyone about Pillow Fight Club MSP.
3. If someone whines, has no pillow, or has a camera, you cannot hit them.
4. Everyone joins in the fight.
5. The one fight starts at the designated time — no earlier.
6. No tar, no heavy things in pillows (no solid foam contour pillows, either).
7. Pillow Fights will go on until they're done.


FEATHERS, not foam!
The modern pillow, filled with artificial fiber stuffing, while an inexpensive and resiliant head-cushion, is entirely inadequate for urban combat. A genuine feather-stuffed pillow (even perhaps with a deliberate tear) is highly recommended for effective yet photogenic self-defense. Feathers are also biodegradeable, whereas the foam, and other sorts of polyester, is not. And please remove your glasses.

Need a feather pillow? You might check out Target, JCPenney or Bed Bath and Beyond for options below $20. Or raid your attic/closet for old ones as they certainly don't need to be new.


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